The risk, hazard, or contingency insured against by a policy of insurance. In general, the cause of any loss such as may be caused by fire, hail, etc.
@ perils of the lakes
As applied to navigation of the Great Lakes, this term has the same meaning as "perils of the sea (q.v.)."
@ perils of the sea
In maritime and insurance law, natural accidents peculiar to the sea, which do not happen by the intervention of man, nor are to be prevented by human prudence. Hence to recover on marine policy insuring against loss by perils of sea, vessel must be seaworthy when it is sent to sea.
Perils of the sea are from
(1) storms and waves;
(2) rocks, shoals, and rapids;
(3) other obstacles, though/of human origin;
(4) changes of climate;
(5) the confinement necessary at sea;
(6) animals peculiar to the sea;
(7) all other dangers peculiar to the sea.
All losses caused by the action of wind and water acting on the property insured under extraordinary circumstances, either directly or mediately, without the intervention of other independent active external causes, are losses by "perils of the sea or other perils and dangers," within the meaning of the usual clause in a policy of marine insurance.
In an enlarged sense, all losses which occur from maritime adventure may be said to arise from the perils of the sea; but underwriters are not bound to this extent. They insure against losses from extraordinary occurrences only; such as stress of weather, winds and waves, lightning, tempests, etc. These are understood to be meant by the phrase "the perils of the sea," in a marine policy, and not those ordinary perils which every vessel must encounter.
Peril of the sea within a marine policy envisions extraordinary and unusual perils which vessel may not reasonably expect to encounter; circumstances which are ordinarily encountered such as predictable winds, tides, wave actions and conditions of the water do not fall within such classification. Vining v. Security Ins. Co. of New Haven, La.App., 252 So.2d 754, 757.
Under Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, "perils of the sea" are understood to mean those perils which are peculiar to sea and which are of extraordinary nature or arise from irresistible force or overwhelming power, and which cannot be guarded against by ordinary exertions of human skill and prudence. New Rotterdam Ins. Co. v. S. S. Loppersum, D.C.N.Y., 215 F.Supp. 563, 566, 567

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.


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